Tuesday, November 28, 2023

Welcome to the new member of the Firm in Yemen


We would gladly like to inform you of the recent incorporation of the following firm, to our network of worldwide firms, UC&CS Global and to the Network in America, UC&CS America:


With Offices in: Aden
Presided by Executive director and Owner:
Dr. Abdulbaset Mohammed Bagonaid

BAGONAID – AMB, established in 1995, stands as one of the most esteemed accounting firms in the governorate of Aden. The team is composed of exceptionally qualified professionals, encompassing accountants, administrators, and individuals holding advanced educational credentials, including postgraduate diplomas and master's degrees. Their collective expertise spans diverse realms, from the scrutiny and auditing of accounts for numerous industrial and commercial entities to logistical operations.

The “BAGONAID – AMB” firm comprises auditors, accountants, tax consultants, information systems technical engineers, and dedicated administrative personnel, each possessing high-level qualifications such as Bachelor's degrees, Postgraduate Diplomas, and Master's degrees. The team brings extensive experience to the field of auditing, having conducted audits for a wide array of industrial, commercial, banking, and logistics companies. Importantly, our professionals are well-versed in international accounting standards, international auditing standards, and international reporting standards. They continually enhance their qualifications through participation in ongoing training programs. 

Beyond their core audit, zakat, and tax services, BAGONAID – AMB offers a comprehensive suite of additional services, including management and financial consulting, restructuring, client investigations, corporate liquidation, inheritance guidance, and general consulting. Their primary objective is to deliver the highest caliber of service, catering to the unique needs of their clients and assisting them in achieving their objectives with utmost satisfaction.

Furthermore, their commitment to quality extends to stringent control procedures, encompassing compliance with international governance requirements, anti-money laundering regulations, and counter-terrorism measures. All these commitments are upheld by their distinguished team, armed with professional experience, enabling us to provide exceptional service to our valued clients. 

- Membership in professional associations and government committees:

- Member of the Yemeni Association of Certified Public Accountants in the Republic of Yemen, Auditors Register No. 561 (1995)

- Member of the Arab Society of Certified Public Accountants, membership No. 903 (2000)

- Chairman of the Appeals Committee for the General Sales and Services Tax in the governorates of Aden, Lahj, Abyan and Al-Dhale

- Member of the Board of Investment – Aden Governorate

- Certified arbitrator in commercial disputes in commercial courts

- Chairman of the Sales Tax Grievance Committee


They join the firms’ world network, by the recommendation of MBA Mauricio Mobarak, President of the World Council.  


We would like to thank the recommendation of this firm that comes to straighten our worldwide network by having a stronger presence, this will allow us to offer a broader perspective to offer future projects to the private sector, by means, of audit, tax, advisory etc.


Their Information is as follows:



Build. No. 2, 

AMB, The Saudi District, Aden

Tel 1: +967 770091140

Tel 2: +967 733696978

Email: Dr.Bagonaid@gmail.com

Web: www.AMB.unaux.com

Contact: Dr. Abdulbaset Bagonaid


Aden, Yemen


We participate you the following information, but all in all we welcome them:



Mexico City

November, 2023

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