Thursday, April 23, 2020

Global Business World Magazine

Dear partners:

I am happy to inform you that it is now available on our websites, UCCS Global and UCCS America, the new issue of the firm's magazine that will now be called "GLOBAL BUSINESS WORLD".

The magazine contains very interesting content with some summaries of the conferences given during the last XX Annual Members Conference 2019 and articles such as "NO SELF CRIMINATION IN FISCAL MATTERS", "ELECTRONIC COMMERCE IN THE EYE OF WORLD COLLECTION", among others more .

The new edition includes articles in Spanish and English languages.

The magazine can be read online from the UCCS America portal and is accessible from this link.
It can also be downloaded in PDF format from the following links:

We hope that the content of it is to your liking and interest.

I send a cordial greeting.


Mauricio Mobarak González
UC&CS Global
UC&CS America

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