Monday, April 17, 2017


OBJECTIVE: An outstanding professional services firm is one that identifies and develops unparalleled knowledge, skills and experience on its partners. There are probably no 360-degree partners, nor should they exists. 

On the other hand, certain functions within the firm are so important that is normal for all partners to act to a minimum in these areas, standing out in others. The main responsibilities of most partners are customer services (measured on the basis of supervised fees or billable hours), satisfactory retention of them and new business generated (including expansion of services to existing customers). The additional areas that are considered indispensable for the excellence of the firm are:

  • Development and retention of human resources
  • Ability to be administrative in the broadest sense, contributing to the economic success of the Firm.
  • Teamwork and achievement of the firm´s goals
  • Overall personal effectiveness

The purpose of this document is to link the strategies of the firm and offices in these areas to the individual goals of the partners, their subsequent evaluation and reward their performance. This form will serve as a record of individual performance in their goals, results achieved against those goals and an overall rating of the level of results achieved during the year.

The document can be found at:

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